Life is a beautiful experience worthy of being documented. Whether it’s the sunrise, a wedding, or your little one’s first birthday, capturing the special moments of life helps save memories to last a lifetime. Sometimes, our memories fail us and they begin to fade, but with photographs and video as vivid reminders of these joyous times in our lives, the memories aren’t so likely to fade.

A photo is truly worth a thousand words. It can capture the emotions, vibrant colors, and a small glimpse of the love we share with our loved ones. And if a photo is worth a thousand words, video is worth ten thousand words. This is why I began telling and capturing stories through photography and videography in the first place. Each time I capture a new story, I am reminded that pictures and video not only serve to savor memories during our lifetimes, but they will tell a story for generations to come. They re-tell the story of the love we share, the emotions we feel, and the happiness of each stage of life.

For me, nothing surpasses the feeling of knowing that I am helping the community around me to preserve their memories so they can celebrate them for years to come and share them with future generations. Regardless of the life event I am filming or photographing, I enjoy the opportunity to be a small part of each of my clients’ stories. Whether I am filming a wedding or photographing a newborn, I am reminded by my clients’ smiles of the joy of life and hope for the future

Favorite Assignments


Whether it’s a client ready to ask that special girl to be their wife forever or a recently engaged couple, I love capturing those moments of engagement. Whether you want her reaction recorded the very moment you ask her the big question or prefer to wait and do a session a few days or weeks later, engagement is an important mile marker for your relationship and a wonderful time of life to have documented with photos and even video. An engagement photo session captures the blossoming love you have with your future spouse.


Weddings are some of my favorite events to be a part of because it marks the start of a new beginning. Nothing compares to seeing a groom beaming with pride as he says “I do” to his bride or seeing a blushing bride promise to love her man forever.


The tininess of the newborn days doesn’t last for long, but as a parent, you want to capture that tiny sweetness and remember it forever. While there might be some sleepless nights and fussy evenings during the newborn days, it is an incredibly precious time, and I love having the opportunity to help parents remember this special time for years to come through photographs and video.


As children grow, life gets busy, and it is easy to overlook how much they grow as the days go by. But each of their mile stones is precious and worthy of being documented to build a collection of memories from their childhood for both you and them to remember into their adulthood.

On Site Aerial Imagery

Being a photographer, by default, will have you finding yourself in a lot of “big day” type events where the pressure is high because you only get one shot at it doing it right. The same is true when you book corporate gigs as well! I’ve never been one to shy away from pressure, and I had a blast dealing with some unique issues facing a particular logistics company in Mexico that asked my to come and take some aerial imagery of their buildings for insurance reporting. Tough climate, swirling winds, and logistics vehicles coming and going all day made fora
difficult challenge that I relished!