A Morning Walk

A Morning Walk

This morning I took an early morning walk to watch the sunrise. As a photographer, I┬álove capturing on camera the beauty of nature. Even as a kid I loved watching Natural Geographic nature documentaries. and early mornings are my favorite. I’ve always been a bit of an early bird so I’ve taken my share of “sunrise walks” as I like to call them. There is nothing like seeing nature through the light of the early morning sun, and I love photographing this beauty for other to enjoy, even if they don’t get out of bed early enough to see it themselves.

beautiful sunrise photo

I love how each sunrise marks the start of a new day and a fresh start. It is a reminder of the constant steadiness and beauty of the world around me, even during times when my life isn’t constant or steady. When life is swirling around me, I can always count on the sun to rise in the morning and to set in the evening without fail.

During my morning walks, I also enjoy the flowers along the way. They are always dripping with dew and glowing beautifully with color. Even the most annoying weeds have beautiful flowers worth stopping to look at and take a picture of. The vast array of color against the rising leaves me in awe of the beauty and variety of nature.

Sunrise picture

My favorite morning walks are those where my wife joins me. She’s not generally one to rise early and enjoy the sunrise, but this morning I was able to convince her, and she got out of bed to join me on my walk. We enjoyed the beauty of the morning together, and I took the opportunity to capture her beauty against the sunrise as well.

Do you enjoy nature? If so, do you prefer morning or evening walks? What are your favorite parts about nature?

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