Hi! My name is Robert Birnbach! I am a professional photographer and videographer in the Indianapolis area, and I enjoy doing photo and video shoots for a variety of occasions. I am a people person, and my job allows me to interact with people on a daily basis as I capture on camera the monumental moments of their lives.


When I am not shooting photos or video or editing, I can be found hanging out with my lovely wife. We have a bucket list as a couple and enjoy going on adventures together and crossing them off our list. In the past year, we have traveled to Europe, gone skydiving, and hiked the Appalachian trail. Next up is a road trip across the U.S. that will lead us through all 48 contiguous states. Through all of this, my passion for photography and videography allows me to capture on camera some of the beauty that life and nature have to offer and share it with others.