What to Wear for Your Photo Shoot

What to Wear for Your Photo Shoot

What to Wear for a Photo ShootAre you preparing for a family photoshoot? If so, have you considered yet what you will wear? It can be difficult to select coordinating outfits for each family member without making everyone look “matchy-matchy.” Here are some tips for selecting outfits and colors that suit everyone and coordinate well:



Consider the current season in which your photos are being taken. You want to select colors that will complement the natural colors in the background. Thus, if it is fall, you will want to select colors that compliment shades of brown and gold. For winter shoots, reds and blues are nice in contrast with snow and ice. For sprint and summer photos, remember that there will be lots of green in the background of your photo, so colors that compliment green are nice for summer and spring shoots.


Coordinate, Don’t Match:

It is best to use a color scheme of three, or possibly four, colors. Not everyone should wear the same exact color. Everyone should try to coordinate so that each person is wearing at least one color that another person is wearing. This can be as simple as adding an accessory such as a head band, a necklace, earrings, or a prop. Here are some good color combinations to consider:


  • Black, pink, and burnt orange
  • Red with varying shades of blues
  • Coral, denim blue, and cream
  • Yellow, teal, and red
  • Mustard, gray, and white
  • Turquoise, red, and white



Choose comfortable clothes that are a bit nicer than your “every day” clothes. Try not to choose busy patterns but keep them subtle. If multiple people in the photo are wearing patterns, try to stick with similar patterns so they don’t clash. Logos can be okay in moderation, but try to make sure they aren’t too big or flashy to avoid causing them to draw too much attention in the photos.


Consider some Accessories:

Accessories can add a nice touch to photographs and help bring colors together. They can also add texture and meaning to a photograph. Consider not only personal accessories such as jewelry, scarves, hats, cardigans, etc. but also blankets, picnic baskets, or even your little one’s favorite stuffed animal. Accessories can not only help give your photos more character, but they can also help create and document memories and add meaning to your family photo shoot.


Hopefully now you have some ideas for planning the color scheme, outfits and accessories for your photo shoot! If you are looking for some additional tips, check out the video below, or head over to Pinterest.



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